My Instagram Images Travel Photo Memories

My Instagram Images Travel Photo Memories

Post Last Modified – March 07, 2021

Gr8 Travel Tips Travel Photo Memories – Instagram Images

Unlike many others, I don’t really spend a great deal of time on Instagram. It seems to be more focused on the younger generation. Having said that, I do post a few Instagram Images that are not shown here on my blog.

So, I thought it was about time to share a few of my favorites with you here from time to time. Below are my top ten favorites that I have previously posted for you to check out.  All of the photographs below were taken either by myself or one of our family members.

My Top Ten Favorite Instagram Images I Posted

Viewed This Beautiful Historic Fort in Malaga, Spain While On Our Mediterranean Cruise!

This Lifeguard in Goa, India Was Happy to Pose for a Sunset Photo for Me! 🙂

Just One Of The Many Spectacular Beaches in Huatulco,Mexico!

Beautiful Rainbow Falls on the Big Island of Hawaii!

Captured This Photo at the Columbia Icefield in Alberta, Canada. Cheering For Our Canadian Athletes at the 2018 Winter Olympics!

Sun Setting Over the Spectacular Grand Canyon in Arizona!

One of My Most Favorite Cities in the United States … San Francisco! 🙂

The Sun Rising in Historic Jaisalmer Fort in Jaisalmer, India!

Amazing Whale Watching on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada!

A Beautiful Sunset in Tulum Mexico!

I’m always excited to Follow & Interact with others on Instagram and other Social Media Platforms. Follow along and I’ll be sure to check your accounts out as well.

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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“At Last Count, There Were Over 140 Million Instagram Users In The United States Alone!”

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HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial Review

HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial Review

Post Last Modified – March 05, 2021

HMCS Sackville – Canada’s Naval Memorial

On our visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia a short while ago, I was delighted to see the HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial docked in the heart of Halifax Harbour. The Sackville is the only surviving Canadian Navy Corvette built back in 1941, to serve in WWII.

I am proud to say that my father served part of his service in the Navy during the war, onboard a Corvette before being transferred to a Destroyer. I couldn’t wait to board this beautifully restored ship!

Corvettes Escorting Convoys In Wartime

HMCS Sackville Sign

During the Second World War, Corvettes played a vital role in protecting merchant supply ships en-route to Britain. These ships were in grave danger from German enemy U-Boat attacks, and many were lost as a result.

HMCS Sackville

Corvettes were small, sleek and fast, which made them perfect for playing the vital role as ocean going escorts for merchant ship convoys. Over 100 of these ships were built in Canada to support the war effort in the Atlantic.

In fact, the Corvette my father served on was torpedoed shortly after he was transferred onto a destroyer for the remainder of the war.

HMCS Sackville Bow

The H.M.C.S. Sackville is the only remaining Corvette Class Ship still in existence to this day, thanks to a proud group of naval volunteers.

HMCS Sackville Main Deck

HMCS Sackville – Below Deck

HMCS Sackville Corvette

As you can see by the photographs we took on our tour, the restoration of the Vintage Vessel is amazing. Such detail into preserving and artifacts added, make this Naval Museum extra special.

HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial Museum

Such a wonderful tribute to those who served so bravely to protect us during those difficult years.

HMCS Sackville Museum

Canada’s Naval Memorial

HMCS Sackville Bridge

After completing a remarkable 40 years of service with the Canadian Navy, in 1982 the Sackville was officially retired. Instead of becoming scrapped, it was turned over to a dedicated group of naval volunteers for restoration.

Today, completely restored to its original configuration, it is proudly displayed in Halifax Harbour for the public to view in the summer months.

It has its own unique port, interpretation center and is manned by naval personnel as well. These men and women are happy to answer any questions you may have while touring the vessel.

In 1985, The Government of Canada declared the H.M.C.S. Sackville as Canada’s Naval Memorial.

HMCS Sackville Naval Memorial Corvette Specifications

HMCS Sackville Gunnery

For those ship and history buffs , I’ve included the ships specifications below. These were taken from the pamphlet that is available at the interpretations center as a keepsake.

Displacement: 1,170 tons fully loaded

Dimensions: 205 feet in length, with a 33 feet Beam

Complement: 80 officers and seamen

Endurance: 4,000 miles at 12 knots

Armament: MK 1X 4-inch breech loaded gun, MK V111 2 pounder pom pom, 2 20mm Oerlikons, 4 depth charge throwers, 2 depth charge stern rails, MK 3 hedgehog

Radar: Type 271 and Type 291 (or SW2C)

Asdic: Type 127D

For more detailed information on this Naval Memorial, I’ve listed their Official website below for your convenience. If you are visiting the City of Halifax in the summer months, do stop by and step onboard this beautifully restored Naval Vessel.

HMCS Sackville Emblem

🍁   H.M.C.S. Sackville Naval Memorial

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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Did You Know …

“The Royal Canadian Navy Served With The British Royal Navy In World War I and II.”
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Sounds of Silence Dining Experience Australia

Sounds of Silence Dining Experience Australia

Post Last Modified – March 03, 2021

The Sounds of Silence Dining Experience Under The Stars At Ayers Rock

One of the highlights of our holiday to Australia included a short stay at Ayers Rock in the Australian Outback. While there, we enjoyed a wonderful evening at their renowned Sounds of Silence Dining Experience. This is a very remote destination situated in central Australia.

Here, you can truly feel at one with nature and experience Australia’s desolate terrain.

The draw to this area and its most popular tourist attraction is; Ayers Rock. It is magical to view, especially at sunrise or sunset. Watching the ever changing colors and shadows appearing on this huge piece of rock in the middle of nowhere, is incredible.

But there are a few other wonderful things to do while visiting this region. One of them is a taking part in a truly memorable dining experience under the stars.

Sun Setting in Ayers Rock

Sun Setting in Ayers Rock

The Amazing Sounds of Silence Dining Buffet

This is a truly unforgettable evening in the outdoors, enjoying beautifully prepared food and entertainment. Unfortunately the skies were cloudy for us, missing out on the stars above. But none the less, it was still a great evening out and an amazing buffet dinner.

The scenery all around you as you dine, and watching the sun setting in the distance is spectacular!

When you arrive, enjoy cocktails and the sounds of the Didgeridoo, while viewing the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in the distance. Check out My Short Video showing this amazing Didgeridoo musician playing during our visit.

Be sure to turn your speakers on!

Amazing Sounds Of The Didgeridoo – YouTube Video

An Australian Tourism Hall of Fame Attraction

This is a luxury dining experience in the great outdoors with fresh air and nothing but Silence surrounding you! A truly exquisite buffet dinner, with authentic Australian delicacies. You will experience local delicacies such as;

Lovely desserts

This is not a meat and potatoes cowboy buffet, but one prepared by highly trained executive chefs. This dinner experience is definitely worth including in your travel plans when visiting this part of Australia.

It’s also a great opportunity to sample some of the Australian cuisine that’s prepared to perfection!

Sounds of Silence Dining at Ayers Rock

Sounds of Silence Dinner Ayers Rock

Sounds of Silence Dining – Traditional Dance Performance

During your meal, you will be entertained and given an introduction to the Aboriginal culture, with performers dancing in their traditional wear. Your servers are always ensuring that your drinks are never empty and making sure you have everything you need at all times.

A first class meal in a magnificent outdoor setting! 🙂

Enjoying a Traditional Australian Buffet

Sounds of Silence Dining Ayers Rock

As soon as the night skies arrive and the sky is filled with sparkling stars, (not our case unfortunately), you will be entertained by a local star talker. He will take you on a journey to the distance planets and galaxies.

Even though the skies were cloudy during our dinner, the talk was very interesting, with the star talker pointing out in the sky where each was situated.

A perfect way to rap the evening while enjoying your dessert and coffee.

One of the Aboriginal Entertainers

Entertainment Ayers Rock Australia

As this is one of the most sought after attractions to take part in, reservations are a must and should be made well in advance. We had our travel agent take care of everything back home months before leaving. I highly recommend you do the same. Be sure to check out my post here on the many 👩   Benefits Of Booking With A Travel Agent.

All though it may seem a little pricey, believe me; it is well worth adding this into your holiday budget. You will not be disappointed!

The food, the service, the drinks and entertainment, make it all a worthwhile and unforgettable experience.

A beautiful meal in a beautiful setting!

Sunset at Ayers Rock Australia

Bog in and have some tucker! (Let’s eat!)

For more detailed information on this amazing dining experience, I have included their official website link below for your convenience.

Ayers Rock Resort

✨   Sounds of Silence

Update February 2021

Although it’s been a few years now since we enjoyed this incredible experience, the Sounds of Silence Dinner Experience is still going strong. Be sure to check their website for updated Covid Pandemic information and reservation dates available.

I’ve also listed the Official Australia Tourism Authority link below to their website page for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything this beautiful Country has to offer.

Tourism Australia logo

🐫   Australia Tourism

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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Did You Know …

“Australia’s First Police Force Was Known To Be Made Up Of The Most Well Behaved Convicts.”

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Quebec City & Countryside Tour Review

Quebec City & Countryside Tour Review

Post Last Modified – March 01, 2021

Les Tours Du Vieux Quebec – City & Countryside Tour

If you’re traveling to Quebec City and would like to see its most popular attractions, then I recommend a Quebec City & Countryside Tour with Les Tours Du Vieux Quebec. We did just that and had a great day spent with this tour company.

Experience the sites of Quebec City in the morning and continue on in the afternoon to view its beautiful countryside.

A Full Day Guided Quebec City & Countryside Tour

Quebec City

Old Quebec City

Be prepared, this full day tour runs from 10am to 6pm and is outstanding! You start with a 2 hour guided city tour beginning in Old Quebec City, just outside of the historic Château Frontenac.

Historic Château Frontenac


Les Tours Du Vieux Quebec Mini Bus

Along the way, your very informative driver/guide will take you to some of the cities most popular tourist attractions. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable on the history of each site visited, outlining each place visited in full detail.

Les Tours Du Vieux Quebec Mini Bus Driver

Your driver will stop and drive by beautiful parks, luxury residential neighborhoods, picturesque view locations and historical sites on this part of the tour.

Quebec City Monument

Many locations you will see include;

Drive through Old Québec;
The Plains of Abraham;
The Fortified City;
Château Frontenac;
The Place-Royale and more.

Battlefields Park Quebec City

This portion of the tour ends at the spot where it began. It’s time for a break in between the two tours for lunch. Break times will vary depending on traffic and time of year.

Streets Of Old Quebec City

The tourist information center is just steps away with washrooms inside. Many eateries can easily be found within this area for sit down or take out.

Countryside Tour

Les Tours Du Vieux Quebec Tour Bus

In the afternoon, it’s time to board the fully equipped double decker tour bus to begin the countryside portion of the tour. This will take a good 4 ½ hours.

Our outstanding guide/driver led us out of the city driving along the Beaupré Coast. Stops along the way will include;

Montmorency Falls;
Albert Gilles B Copper Art Museum;
Island of Orléans;
Chocolate shop (on the Island);
Sainte-Anne de Beaupre Shrine.

Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls Quebec

Montmorency Falls is absolutely spectacular and without a doubt, one of the natural wonders in the Québec City region. The Falls stretch upwards for over 240 feet, which is approximately 90 feet higher than world renowned Niagara Falls.

Montmorency Falls Cable Cars

There’s a nice trail for visitors to walk along, as well as a suspension bridge located at the top for viewing. Cable cars will run you up to the top of the Falls taking you to the bridge.

Montmorency Falls Quebec City

A great stop and one not to be missed when visiting Quebec City.

Albert Gilles Copper Art Museum

Albert Gilles  Copper Art Museum

Visit the works of world renowned copper craftsman Albert Gilles. His work has carried on for generations, with the Gilles family creating exquisite copper creations for you to view and/or purchase at this brief stop.

Island of Orléans

Island of Orléans Bridge

Its then on to the Île d’Orléans, located along the Saint Lawrence River just a few miles east of downtown Quebec City. A very picturesque and very historic small island, about 18 miles long and only 5 miles wide. It is reached from the mainland by crossing a bridge for traffic, or boat otherwise.

Historic Home Island of Orléans

Filled with history, the Ile D’Orléans was supplied by Jacques Cartier, who renamed the Island in 1536 after François I, son of the King of France, Duke of Orleans. Along the way, you’ll pass by some very historic homes dating back centuries.

Quebec City Skyline

The views of the St. Lawrence River and back towards Quebec City are outstanding. While on the Island, we made a brief stop at the Chocolate shop. There’s a chance to view the shop, make purchases or just take a short stroll to soak in the scenery and take photos.

Island of Orléans Chocolate Shop


Sainte-Anne de Beaupre Shrine

Sainte-Anne de Beaupre Basilica

Hopping back on board, it was time to cross back over the bridge and make our way to our final destination the Shrine of Sainte Anne De Deaupre.

This is the Oldest Pilgrimage Site in North America, dating back 350 years. This renowned site is dedicated to Saint Anne, the grandmother of Jesus. This very popular and beautiful attraction welcomes over one million visitors each year!

Sainte-Anne de Beaupre Basilica Interior

The grounds house the spectacular Basilica, along with historic statues, chapels and much more. A beautiful site for worshippers and/or for photographs.

After a short visit, it’s time to make our way back to Old Quebec City where the tour began. A wonderful full day and a great way to see the sites of Quebec City and its Countryside.

We enjoyed this tour in the first week of October, and the changing Fall colors were spectacular!

Princess Cruise Ship Quebec City

This tour is perfect for those arriving to the city by Cruise Ship and have a full day or 2 to enjoy the sites and attractions.

For more detailed information on this tour and the many others Tours Du Vieux Quebec  offers, I have included their Official website link for your convenience. Booking online reservations are highly recommended in advance of your arrival, do to popularity.

Les Tours Du Vieux Quebec Logo

🍁   Tours Du Vieux Quebec

As well, I’ve included the Official Quebec Tourism website link below. Their site is filled with everything you need to start planning your travels to this beautiful Province on the east coast of Canada.


🚌   Tourisme Quebec

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although our Quebec City & Countryside Tour was in collaboration with Tours Du Vieux Quebec, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

Did You Know …

“The Chateau Frontenac Hotel In Quebec City, Quebec – Canada, Holds The Guinness World Record For The Most Photographed Hotel In The World.”

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NASCAR Races For Family Fun & Excitement

NASCAR Races For Family Fun & Excitement

Post Last Modified – February 27, 2021

Catch The Excitement Of A NASCAR Race This Season

There’s nothing that can compare to the thrill and excitement then that of attending a live NASCAR event in the United States or Canada. It’s time to Discover NASCAR Races For Family Fun And Excitement in North America! If you have never been to a real NASCAR stock race day event, then this is something you definitely must consider attending this season.

Stock car racing at this level is an exhilarating experience like no other!

What’s neat about these races is that they are specially organized for families in mind.  Long gone are the times when heading to a stock car race was for tough single men only, with a beer in each hand! 😎

Today, there are all kinds of added attractions and entertainment set up at the race track, specifically designed for people of all ages.  NASCAR Racing is really a fun filled family affair event.

Check out this cool video The ‘NASCAR Race Hub’ crew at NASCAR on Fox Television put together on a look back at some of the greatest and closest finishes in Daytona 500 history.

It gives you a quick look at just how exciting racing is and what you are missing!

Daytona 500 Greatest Finishes – YouTube Video

NASCAR Races For Family Fun

Enjoy Family Camping Right At The Track

Xfinity NASCAR Series Racing at PIR

An added bonus for those that enjoy camping is you can plan a weekend to the races and camp right out at the track.

How cool is that!

One of our favorite tracks in the United States is in Phoenix Arizona. They offer incredible facilities for camping directly on site.

Such extras as …

➡   On Site Safeway Grocery Store

➡   Free Hot Shower Trailers

➡   Free Shuttle Tram Service to the Gate

➡   RV Services and Camping World Store

➡   Free Johnny on the spot toilet facilities

Phoenix Raceway Logo 2020

For more complete details, be sure to check out my post here on Phoenix International Raceway Camping. 🙂

A Sea of Campers at the Race Track

Camping at Phoenix Raceway (1)

If you have a unit that’s self – contained, then spending a weekend camping at the races is the best!  There’s no traffic line ups to deal with, and no early mornings trying to get to the track on time in heavy traffic.

You can come and go to and from the race track at your leisure with your track entrance pass.

Nascar Sprint Cup Series

My wife and I have been traveling to this race track for years from British Columbia, Canada. We’ve enjoyed flying down to Phoenix and staying at area hotels and in most recent years, driving down in our Class C Motor Home and camping out at the track.

I must say, you just can’t beat staying at the track for the weekend race events. It’s so great not having to worry about driving for the entire weekend racing events, having to buy groceries and much more!

NASCAR Racing For The Entire Family

Nascar Truck Series

You bet the whole family will love a weekend at the races!  Tickets for most race dates are becoming much more reasonable, and packaged specifically for families in mind.

Unlike attending other major league sporting events where ticket prices are hugely inflated, NASCAR has taken the step to make attending a race affordable for everyone!

U.S. Air Force Display Phoenix Raceway

U.S. Air Force Display Phoenix Raceway

Race tracks are coming up with all kinds of incentives and great deals to encourage people to attend a race at their track.  I’ve seen packages offering deals and include;

Race tickets … In-Field Pit Passes … Race Programs … Confection Items

All included in one great price! 🙂

NASCAR – Not Just For Fans Of Racing

Getting Set for the Green Flag at Phoenix International Raceway

NASCAR Races For Family Fun

What’s also great is that you certainly do not have to be a race fan like me to enjoy these exciting events.  The first time you attend a race, I am sure you will be asking yourself …  “What took me so long?” 😯

Attending Race Weekend In Phoenix 2019

Phoenix Raceway Exhibits

Over the years, I have enjoyed introducing and taking various family members and friends to the races for the first time.  Most of these folks are your typical devoted football (NFL) and hockey (NHL) fans and thought I was crazy going to stock car races.

Phoenix Raceway NASCAR Race Events

Well, when they arrived and experienced the excitement of premier level stock car racing, they were simply awe inspired!

When you experience 43 high powered race cars traveling inches apart at speeds of over 200 mph, it is simply exhilarating for the first time.  What’s even more spectacular is watching night races under the lights, which is becoming more popular at most tracks each year.

The sites and sounds at night are fabulous!

So What Is NASCAR Anyway You Ask

Nascar Racing

Well, NASCAR stands for …

National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing

This organization was founded back in 1948.  Today, over 1500 races are held annually at over 100 race tracks all across North America.  With this many race times and dates held, stock car racing has become so popular, it is now the largest spectator sporting event in North America.

Today, an average crowd in attendance at a premier race event easily reaches over 150,000.

The overwhelming speed and thundering sounds of those high powered engines, the smells associated with racing, all add to the intense excitement of attending a live race experience!

NASCAR Races For Family Fun

Take along a pair of NASCAR Race Scanners or rent a set at the track and you can enjoy live television broadcasts and listen to your favorite driver talking to his crew members.

What other sport can you think of that allows fans to do that!

Tons of Exciting Things To Do at the Races

Army and Nascar

From Souvenir trailers for your favorite drivers, to a host full of exhibits and entertainment from major sponsors, it’s all at the track to keep you and your family entertained before, during and after the race!

So pick your favorite destination and start planning a race holiday!  Premier race events are held from coast to coast, all over the United States and Canada from February to November, so there is sure to be a race weekend event held near you.

Phoenix International Raceway

As mentioned, one of my favorite places to attend a race is at Phoenix International Raceway, located just outside the city of Phoenix, Arizona.  This beautiful facility is situated less than one hour from downtown and situated in a beautiful Arizona setting, surrounded by hillsides and cactus.

Most recently, the name had been changed to ISM Raceway. In 2020, it has now returned to what most race fans are familiar with … Phoenix Raceway!

Below, I’ve listed the tracks Official link below to their website. 2020 is a very special season, as they are hosting their first ever Championship Race Weekend!

NASCAR Championship 2020 Phoenix Raceway

We’ve got our tickets for this event ordered and can’t wait for this event in early November 2020!

Update: April 2020

We are all keeping our fingers crossed that all sporting events and life around the world will return to normal very soon, putting this corona virus pandemic behind.

We are all waiting for promising news in the weeks ahead for any updates on NASCAR racing continuing on with the regular season.

Another track we love attending a race event is at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Be sure to check out my recent post, photos and my video of our visit to that track taking in the NHRA Drag Races.

What a thrill that was to see in person for the very first time!

Update February 2021

The 2021 Regular Season is well underway with modifications and with limited fans permitted. Check each track for further developments as the season continues on.

The Best NASCAR Races To Attend

Phoenix International Raceway

Recently, race dates have been included and held outside of the United States.  Canada now holds sanctioned events annually and has become extremely popular.  As well, races had also taken place in Mexico, which also proved highly successful.

For us Canadians, we have NASCAR Pinty’s Series, premier stock car racing series. It’s our national NASCAR racing series here in Canada.

Each year, I look forward to our annual trek to one of our favorite destinations in the U.S.  We have enjoyed the racing experience for many years now and will continue to do so for many more to come. We have planned many family holidays specifically around these special events.

One of our most exciting trips was attending a race held at in world famous Daytona Speedway in Florida State and then setting off on a wonderful Caribbean Cruise holiday afterwards.  It is easy to plan and do both, making for a fabulous family vacation!

Driver Introductions – NASCAR Star Driver Jeff Gordon

NASCAR Races For Family Fun

Over the years, our family have attended races while enjoying holidays in …

➡   Disney World Florida

➡   Las Vegas Nevada

➡   Phoenix Arizona

➡   Washington State

If you take the time and plan your holidays well in advance, it really is easy to work a race date into your schedule. We have successfully done this for many years now and it has always worked out great, making NASCAR Races For Family Fun a big part of our vacation adventures.

Three Top Premier Leagues In NASCAR

54th Annual Daytona 500

There are three top leagues in NASCAR racing. As of the start of the 2019 season, the series will be known as …

➡   Monster Energy Cup Series

➡   Xfinity Series

➡   Gander Outdoors Truck Series

To get the latest racing information, schedules, ticket information, locations and much more, be sure to visit NASCAR’s official website.  I have added the link to their website below for your convenience.

nascar logo


A great site with all the information you will need to get you on your way to a premier race event.  There are countless other minor league NASCAR events as well to choose from around the country, both in Canada and the United States.

So don’t count these guys out either, the racing is exciting!

Greatest NASCAR Races Ever

Exciting Pit Action to Beat Other Cars to the Line

Nascar Racing Pit Action

Upon arrival at the race track, you will be amazed at the attractions and entertainment set up for you and your family to enjoy.  There are a host of activities to take part in both before, during and after the races.  As mentioned before, these events are specifically organized with families in mind!

Each year things just get better and better for race enthusiasts, making it even more appealing to attend NASCAR races in person, making NASCAR Races For Family Fun a great choice!

Here are just a few of the things that you can do while at the track …

➡   purchase your favorite souvenirs from multiple trailers on site

➡   watch live ‘Speed Channel’ television broadcasts

➡   attend free live stage concerts

➡   enjoy fireworks at many races

➡   check out all the static on site displays, games and so much more.

I’ll See You At The track! 🙂

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Did You Know …

“Most Premier Race Tracks Have Installed Soft Wall Safer Barriers Along Side The Track Making It Much Safer For Drivers.”

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Hoi An Eco Tourism Experience In Vietnam

Hoi An Eco Tourism Experience In Vietnam

Post Last Modified – February 25, 2021

Enjoy Hoi An Eco Tourism Day Tours in Vietnam

Having reached our furthest destination to the north on our journey in Southern Vietnam, my son and I had the pleasure of spending a full day with the owner of Hoi An Eco Tourism; Mr.  Hoang.  What a wonderful Eco Friendly Day Tour it was exploring the countryside on bicycles and later, farming for rice and fishing in the river!

Step out of the box and discover an Eco Friendly Tour.

An Amazing Hoi An Eco Friendly Day Tour

Hoi An Eco Tourism Banner

There’s no better way to experience the Vietnam’s beautiful countryside and local village life than that on a bicycle tour with a local guide to show you the way.  This day spent with our guide and owner Mr. Hoang, (first name) was truly the highlight for both of us on our 3 week tour up the coast of Vietnam!

Sure we had some great experiences along the way, such as a wonderful Scooter Food Tour in Ho Chi Minh City with some great local University Students, but to spend a day with the locals to experience and learn about rice farming and fishing on the river, was incredible!

Mr. Hoang will bike you throughout the countryside, passing by local farms, homes and the part of Hoi An town where the locals live. Biking at a leisurely pace, stopping many times to point out things as you go along, making it a perfect eco friendly adventure for most everyone!

Eco Tourism From Fishermen To Rice Farming

Cycling in the Countryside of Hoi An

Hoi An Eco Tourism Biking

Mr. Hoang’s Hoi An Eco Tourism Business is strictly local and he, along with family members who own a local rice farm in Cam Thanh village, is very enthusiastic and eager to show visitors his home and way of life on their farm.

They still grow rice on their farm today as many do to feed their families throughout the year.

“The main purpose of Hoi An Ecotourism is to provide our guest with the opportunity to experience firsthand the authentic daily lives of the local fishing and farming communities in Cam Thanh village of Hoi An City.”

A Brief History Of Historic Hoi An Vietnam

Ancient Bridge in Old Town Hoi An

Ancient Bridge Hoi An Vietnam

Ancient Hoi An (Old Town) dates back over 2000 years of cultural history having been a major port for the Cham Kingdom controlling the spice trade from the 10th to the 17th Century, later becoming a major international port.

In 1999, the old town was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO with its many historic old buildings still standing, displaying how it once was a Southeast Asian trading port of the 15th to 19th centuries.  Many of the structures show a special mixture of both local and foreign inspirations.

Today, although greatly commercialized for tourists with the majority of the buildings housing gift shops and restaurants, it’s still an exciting experience to walk the old streets, cross a bridge thousands of year’s old, shop and enjoy the many dining options and street vendor food available to tourists.

The evening hours are a particularly exciting time and not to be missed!

For more complete information on this UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Heritage Site, I have listed two informative website links below for your convenience.

Cycling In Th e Hoi An Countryside

Our Hoi An Eco Tourism Tour Adventure

Biking along Rice Fields

Hoi An Eco Tourism Bike Tour

Our tour began bright and early in the morning, with Mr Hoang meeting us at our hotel for a 7:30 pickup.  A good thing, because South Vietnam is Hot!!!

From the hotel, we hopped on our bikes and made our way through town to the nearby countryside and rice fields.  We stopped many times for pictures with Mr Hoang explaining what the workers in the rice fields were doing.

Slowly biking on paths between the fields in a peaceful and quiet setting, we arrived at his home on the farm nearby.

Rice Farming & Cooking

Hoi An Eco Tourism

Dressed and Ready to Go Rice Farming!

Hoi An Eco Tourism Day Tours

Here, we would be given a hands demonstration of real authentic rice farming and cultivating.

From getting down and dirty plowing a rice paddy behind their water buffalo, to actually planting rice plants for farming, it makes you realize how hard these people work each and every day in order to feed their families.

Getting Up Close and Personal With Our Water Buffalo!

Hoi An Eco Tourism Water Buffalo Ride

The farms Water Buffalo is very important to local farmers and still used today to plow the fields for rice farming.  A very strong animal and devoted to its owner, it is taught basic commands for turns, stopping and starting and will only listen to its owner!

Smoothing Out The Field For Planting Rice

Hoi An Eco Tourism Rice Farming

After excavating the soil with the plow, the farmers then ride on a bamboo platform smoothing out the soil under the water preparing for planting. Trust me, this is very hard work and I can’t imaging having to do this labor intensive work all day long! 🙁

Moving Water from Field to Field with a Bamboo Basket

Hoi An Eco Tourism Rice Farming Demonstration

Above is how farmers traditionally moved water from field to field using a bamboo basket. This method is still used among Vietnamese farmers who do not have access to water pumps and more modern farming equipment.

Inserting Rice Plants Into The Prepared Ride Paddy

Hoi An Eco Tourism Rice Planting

Once the soil is prepared and ready for planting. Farmers then painstakingly plant individual rice plants by hand into the wet muddy soil.

Enjoy A Fun Cooking Class – Hoi An Eco Tourism

Having Fun Cooking A Rice Pancake!

Hoi An Eco Tourism Cooking

After demonstrating how rice was once cultivated and made ready for eating, we enjoyed a small cooking class preparing delicious rice pancakes.

Your tour will include an excellent traditional Vietnamese lunch prepared by family members at his home.  A lovely surprise we did not expect, to enjoy a wonderful lunch outdoors on his private patio in the countryside!

From Farming To Fishing – Hoi An Eco Tourism

Bikes Loaded Onto Our Private Boat

Hoi An Eco Tourism Boat Tour

Bundles of Bamboo shown in the picture above are soaked for days making them stronger then ever for multi uses in Vietnam!

After enjoying a break and our lunch, we hopped back on our bikes with Mr Hoang taking us on a scenic ride through the local village and homes to the river bank. Once we arrived at the river, we loaded our bikes on to a river boat to head out and try our luck at net fishing!

Getting Ready to Board Our Tiny River Fish Boat

Vietnam River Fishing

Stopping in the middle of the river and boarding a narrow fish boat with a lovely elderly couple showing their amazing skills on the water, they showed us the art of and skill of net fishing.

They then had us hop in their small boat and had us give it a try an opportunity to try.  Great fun had by all!

Giving it a try! 🙂

Hoi An Eco Tourism Fishing

It literally was like standing in a canoe, trying to keep your balance and throwing a heavy weighted net into the water without you falling in!  I was so impressed with these two elders and watching how easy it seemed to them after years of fishing.

She manages the boat in the strong waves and current, while he does the fishing.

Hopping into a Traditional Vietnamese Round Boat

Hoi An Eco Tourism Round Boat Ride

We then made our way to a small canal in the countryside, where we boarded a traditional small round fish boat.  Here we had a great time paddling and making our way along the bamboo laced canal.

It was like taking a small boat ride at Disneyland, complete with singing and laughter thrown in for good measure!

Making our way along the River Canals in our Round Boats

Hoi An Eco Tourism Round Boats

After a short time on the water, enjoying the scenery and fresh cool river air, we made our way back to shore and continued our bike journey making our way back to the hotel by mid – afternoon.

What a wonderful day and experience with such Mr Hoang graciously inviting us to his home, demonstrating his knowledge of rice farming and so much more!

Enjoying the Scenery Along the River Banks

Fish Boats Hoi An Vietnam

This truly is a wonderful Eco Adventure Day Tour that the whole family will enjoy and simply must not be missed when visiting this historic destination in Vietnam!

Mr. Hoang offers a variety of small group tours and will certainly put together anything that you may wish besides those listed on his website.

Below, I have listed the official Hoi An Eco Tourism website for your convenience, where you can access much more detailed information including an email address where you can contact him directly.

Mr Hoang is a highly educated man with superb English and would be happy to answer any email questions you may have regarding his tours.

Hoi An Eco Tourism

🌴   Hoi An Eco Tour

A tripadvisor 5 star rating!

Hoi An Ecotourism Trip Advisor 5 Star Rating


Mr Andy Hoang is proud to announce the expansion of his tour company, now offering exclusive Da Nang and Hoi An private shore excursions for Cruise Ship passengers.

If your travel plans include a cruise to these destinations, then be sure to check out what Andy has to offer. For more detailed information on these tours, I have listed a website link for your convenience below.

Hoi An Private Shore Excursion


I’ve also listed the Official Vietnam Tourism link below to their website for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information to assist in your travel planning to this Beautiful Country.

vietnam tourism

🌎   Visit Vietnam Tourism

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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Did You Know …

“Approximately 38% Of Vietnamese People Have The Surname Nguyen (pronounced as “win”).”

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