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Renting a car can be really helpful when visiting a city, especially in the United States, where public transportation is somewhat poor and most infrastructure is vehicle-owned. When you visit Houston for the first time, you have a lot to do and even enjoy a lot of free activities!

A good set of bikes can turn a simple trip into an in-depth exploration of a city or even an epic road trip, but first you need to get these bikes and it can be a bit difficult, so in this post we will see some of the key information that you should keep in mind when renting a car so you can take full advantage and avoid any common mistakes that can ruin the experience.

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1. How do I rent a car in Houston?

Timed coordination

So let's say you're planning a trip to Texas and want to rent a car in Houston as soon as you arrive so you don't have to pay an expensive taxi to your hotel.

In this case you should book the reservations in good time and not the day before! At least two weeks, because rental cars, like hotels and flights, are usually quite busy.

If you make reservations with little time, chances are you won't find anything, and the few things you may find have prices so high that you can use them just as well to climb Mount Everest.

Car rental prices are now fluctuating and if you wait a few days it is possible that you will find even better prices, not to mention that if you need to change or cancel your reservation it is so much easier , some companies will not charge you for changing your reservation if you do so over time.

Use brokers

There are thousands of options when it comes to renting a car and if you search yourself you can overpay as many companies have different prices for the same models and these prices change over time rather than yours break back and do the search yourself should you use a brokerage site like this.

These types of websites search for you and limit the options immensely. They can even arrange reservations for you and save you so much work.

And here's the cool part: you basically find the best prices and advise you free of charge in your search!

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<h2>2. Rental car requirements</h2>
<p>Some requirements are required to rent a vehicle. Any car rental company will ask you to meet them. So you should consider them when planning your trip.</p>
<p>Trust me in this case, these requirements are not difficult to meet at all, but if you forget one of them, it will turn a useful tool for exploring a city into a real nightmare. So pay attention!</p>
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A) A valid driver's license

When you arrive at the counter you will be asked one thing and if you don't have it with you you can completely forget about ever renting a car and that is your driver's license. No photocopy or photos on your phone are enough, you have to bring the real business with you.

Here's a more advanced tip: During the reservation process, you can add some additional drivers to the contract. This way, your tour group can distribute travel time (remember that they must be over 25 in any case) if you wish. To use this option, make sure you bring your licenses. Otherwise, they will not be allowed as additional drivers.

B) An embossed credit card

Depending on the broker or company, you can pay for the reservation with a debit card or even through PayPal. However, you will need a credit card without exception, as all car rental companies require a deposit.

As you can see, if you commit a violation, the ticket will be paid for with this credit card. If you want to add an additional service at the counter, e.g. B. a full gas tank or additional insurance, these are debited from this credit card. So make it VERY clear which services you want, and if you don't want any, SAG SO.

What you need to rent a car in Houston - discover the requirements for car rental in Houston and the documents for car rental in Houston that you need.

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C) Comprehensive insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance is compulsory when it comes to renting a car, but there are other types and insurance-like policies that they offer at the counter. Here's a quick guide so you know exactly what they mean.

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<h4>LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) and CDW (Collision Damage Waiver):</h4>
<p>Both LDW and CDW are the same type of waiver. Now it is not a proper insurance. Instead, these are waivers that remove any financial responsibility for damage that the vehicle may suffer during the rental period as long as you comply with the contract.</p>
<p>This usually includes: theft, vandalism, collision, fire or natural events. (Note that this only covers the body of the car, things like windows, mirrors, tires and other accessories are not covered!)</p>
<p>So if the car is destroyed by anarchist punks and / or attacked by a bear, you are theoretically not financially responsible for the anarchic symbols or scratch marks on the hood of the car.</p>
<p>Just think of the life choices that made you meet punks and bears on the same trip, but seriously, many counter sellers will do everything they can to get you to buy this optional service , and although this is a very nice extra protection, it can be expensive, so think about whether you really want it and don't let any seller force you to buy something you don't want because it is from the credit card debited that we talked about!</p>
<p>Depending on the insurance plan you buy, waivers such as CDW or LDW have a deductible.</p>
<p>This basically means that if the damage is worth $ 1000 and your deductible is $ 200, you only pay $ 200 and the company pays the remaining $ 800.</p>
<h4>Liability towards third parties:</h4>
<p>Liability insurance covers damage that may occur to other people and their property if you are involved in an accident with them.</p>
<p>In the hopefully rare case of crashing through someone else's lawn, that person will cover the damage to that person. Just try not to fall into someone else's lawn.</p>
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