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When this first got around on Twitter, the team's reaction here at Adventure HQ was something like this: inhale sharply, closely followed by furious outrage and flashes of Beyoncé-like "Run the world" appearance fantasy montage (quick absent-minded, none of us have legs for TBH. Besides, you know, waaaay looked too sandy). The end ends with an awesome appreciation when the penny falls cleverly at the end.

Why do we mention it? Because the theme for International Women's Day 2020 is #EachforEqual and work together to create an equal world. And women when traveling are particularly important to us. According to our partners, G Adventures, women make up more than half of the tourism workforce, but are often underpaid and have limited opportunities to occupy higher positions in their jobs.

The answer? Through its nonprofit, Planeterra, G Adventures is working to restore balance by starting social businesses in many of the places they travel. Of the 58 self-sufficient G for Good projects that are already integrated into their travel routes, 13 focus directly on empowering women through education, entrepreneurship and vocational training.

Women traveling

Women on wheels, New Delhi, India
Employed: 191 people 1,200 community members benefit indirectly

To quit with women is bad driver jokes. Traditional gender roles in India make it difficult for many women to access the same educational and employment opportunities as men. One airport transfer each, women On Wheels helps by training women from the region to become commercial drivers. It also offers a safe pick-up option for women traveler.

Experience the project: Do you want to jump on board a good cause and help women travel? G Adventures tours from Delhi use Women On Wheels for their airport transfers.

Women traveling

Survivor Sisterhood, Pokhara, Nepal
Employed: 43 people 3,700 community members benefit indirectly

An estimated 7,000 women and girls from Nepal are abducted to India each year. It is a sad fact that often when the authorities have intervened and requested prosecution, the victims have been arrested and fined only to be rescued and further exploited by traffickers. The local non-profit organization SASANE is working to break this cycle of corruption by training survivors and vulnerable women as legal assistants.

In addition to SASANE, G Adventures developed the Sisterhood of Survivors program, in which women teach traveler how to do traditional Momos (Dumplings). This not only gave the non-profit organizations their first sustainable income, but also gave women in tourism a meaningful job. And now, did we mention the momos?

Experience the project: Most G Adventures tours that visit Pokhara stop at the project for lunch.

International Women's Day 2020

Ccaccaccollo women's weaving, Sacred Valley, Peru
Employed: 60 people 440 community members benefit indirectly

Despite almost four million traveler Only a few indigenous communities in the area of ​​Cusco and Machu Picchu visit Cusco and benefit from this tourism. For the isolated community of Ccaccaccollo In the Peruvian Sacred Valley, G Adventures employs the men as carriers and cooks for their Inca trail programs. They were approached by the women of the community in 2005 and helped to set up the web cooperative. This not only gives 55 women a sustainable form of income, but also helps to preserve traditional weaving practices.

For the women from Ccaccaccolloto be able to contribute to their family's income life changing. When STA Travel visited this year, we were told how their children are going to university and are the first generation to fully speak Spanish.

Experience the project: To you done ethically Alpaca knitwear, most G Adventures tours from Cusco visit the cooperative as part of their itinerary. This is Jack, our content producer, who models his:

Women traveling

Sthree Craft Shop & Café, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Employed: 115 people Indirectly, 1,000 community members benefit

The Women's Development Center is a non-profit organization in Sri Lanka that helps combat violence against women and improve gender equality. G Adventures is committed revitalize and renew their craft shop and cafe, Sthree. About a grant and steady flow of travelerThe social enterprise has provided women with a platform to achieve financial stability and provide a more stable source of funding for their accommodation for abused women.

Experience the project: Eat at Sthree Café on all G Adventures Sri Lanka itineraries that visit Kandy.

International Women's Day 2020

Ubuntu Cafe, Nakuru, Kenya
Employed: 400 people 1,200 community members benefit indirectly

Ubuntu is a local Kenyan nonprofit that helps create jobs and empower local women around Maai Mahiu, a city along the main tourist and trade route through Kenya – unfortunately also known as the AIDS Highway.

G Adventures was committed to supporting Ubuntu Made and Ubuntu Café by stopping at the café and shopping on all of its Kenya itineraries. These social enterprises, in turn, help fund the Ubuntu School, which was founded to fight injustice and support children with different needs through therapy, education and vocational training.

Experience the project: All G Adventures trips through Kenya stop at the project for lunch.

Inspired? See the world and make a difference by helping women travel. Check out all G Adventures trips.

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