Our Mexico City Travel Guide ! This wonderful city is truly the star of one our best episodes ever. I have never fallen in love with a city quite as quickly as I fell in …

Mexico City is, and has always been, the sun within the Mexican system . Though much-maligned within the past, lately the town is cleaning up its act. Revamped public spaces are springing back to life, the culinary scene is exploding and a cultural renaissance is flourishing. On top of all that, by largely managing to distance itself from the war , the nation’s capital remains a secure haven of sorts. faraway from shaking off visitors, the earthquakes of 2017 revealed a young society who attracted admiration through their solidarity.

Best Time to travel :
June through September is that the season , but do not be postpone by that label; rain tends to return in dramatic bursts within the evening, and it is a rare day when the sky pours. It’s possible to visit Mexico City at any time of year. Winters are mild, with rock bottom temperatures dropping to the 50s, while falls are crisp, and comes are lovely, with jacaranda trees blooming everywhere town.

Transport options, both public and personal , abound herel, which is convenient, as long as there’s such a lot ground to hide . The Metro system isn’t frequented by tourists, which may be a shame: though it are often hot and crowded, it’s extremely efficient, and at 5 pesos (about a quarter) a ride, it is a bargain.We discuss in Mexico City Travel Guide that Aboveground, there’s the MetroBus, taxis, and car services like Uber. Traffic jams are common but the town is pedestrian-friendly in many neighborhoods, especially Centro Histórico, Juárez, Condesa, Roma, Polanco, and Coyoacán.

May is that the hottest month, with a mean temperature of 64°F (18°C). December is that the coldest month, with a mean temperature of 55°F (13°C).

Know Before You Go:
Uber is your best bet for getting around—it’s far more affordable than regular taxis, plus service is superb , and drivers are all equipped with cell phones, in order that they can find places that regular taxi drivers might not be ready to locate.

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