More often than not, I tend to find myself exploring some of the world’s coldest regions in the midst of their most extreme weather. Rather than avoid these remarkable places, I embrace the opportunity to explore them at what I think is the best time of year, when it’s cold outside. There’s a certain grace and beauty that can only be found when it’s chilly, and that’s especially true in these cold weather destinations I think everyone should explore. While it may not be possible for everyone to travel to most amazing destinations this year, these are spots to definitely add to your travel bucket list.

FinlandTodos Santos, MexicoTodos Santos, MexicoIceland IcelandBanff Alberta CanadaAlberta, Canadaantarctica Antarctica (Austral Summer)Tallinn Estonia Tallinn, EstoniaAlta Norway Alta, NorwayFour Seasons NevisNevisSwitzerland SwitzerlandCologne Germany Cologne, GermanySharks Bay Western Australia Australia perfect sunset SwedenQuebec CanadaQuebec, CanadaBlue Lagoon IcelandIcelandBanff Alberta CanadaAlberta, Canada

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