Venice Travel Tips 2020 | Things to know BEFORE you go to VENICE

Venice Travel Tips 2020 | Things to know BEFORE you go to VENICE

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Venice is one among those cities within the world you only need to visit. the town is world-famous, crammed with history and bursting with romance. little question its charm and elegance will leave you breathless. But: Venice are often tricky. Here’s a survival guide for Venice virgins, with 5 belongings you should know before you go.

Here’s what you ought to do:

Get up early, stay awake late. the simplest time to ascertain the sights in Venice is before 7 am and after midnight. There are not any crowds yet and therefore the city feels peaceful and relaxed. Nighttime is additionally great for taking pictures, see my Venice by night-snapshot here of Venice Travel Tips 2020 .
Travel during low season. Spring and summer are the seasons with more tourists, higher temperatures and lost of mosquitoes. Fall is a far better time to go to Venice, although there’s a risk at acqua alta (high water and flooding). make certain to bring your rubber boots with you and don’t panic, that’s just the way it goes in Venice. Winter also can be an incredible time for exploring Venice, if you don’t mind the freezing cold and chilly winds.

One of the most important tourist traps in Venice are the gondola rides along the canals. But: if you would like to measure the fantasy, go ahead. Despite the high prices and risks of being ripped off, it’s still big fun.

How much does it coast? The official rate should be 80 euro for 40 minutes (increased by 40 euro with every 20 minutes extra). After 7 pm it gets even more expensive: 100 euro for 40 minutes.

These are the official rates and tons of gondoliers raise the worth whenever they need . Also: don’t expect a free serenade, you’ll need to pay extra for this tiny musical service. Agree upon a price before you get within the gondola.

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