2020 has just started but we can still analyze most popular countries visited that have a very high rate of tourism. The most visited countries of 2020 are mostly situated in Europe and are around or near the coast.

1- France:


France has been rock steady at number 1 position since last year and the year before that. In 2017 alone, France got 86.9 million tourists visiting its magnificent places. From the great Eiffel tower in Paris to the magnificent Mont Saint- Micheal in Normandy, France is full of places to visit if planning a trip.

2- Bhutan:


In the Silk Road, in South Asia, Bhutan is said to be the first organic nation. Covered in beautiful plains in the South, and the Peaks of Himalayas in the North, for all those mountain lovers, Bhutan has it all. Those who would love to challenge the GangkharPeunsum, the highest peak of the country and said to be the highest unclimbed mountain yet, are welcomed here.

3- Spain:


Everyone knows about Spain. Ask a child or an aged person, and he will start to explain the beauties of this wonderful country. Spain was visited by 81.8 million people in 2017 and has to been ranked as one of the most astonishing countries in this world. Well, Spain has the historic Cordoba, the beautiful beach San Sebastian, the City of Arts and Science located in the city of Valencia and many many more. So never miss this country on the map if you get a chance to go there.

4- The United Kingdom:

United Kingdom

Including the four major countries, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, UK has been attracting millions of people each year. Mainly because of the 4 countries under its name. Tourists get to know, meet and understand new and different people belonging to different cultures, get to eat new and various dishes. So it’s a welcoming place for those looking to meet new people and also for those who are fond of trying new foods (like me).

5- Turkey:


Turkey has been a staple of tourism since the time planes were invented. For those fond of architecture, Konya is the perfect city for them to visit. But not only that, but Spain also has a very large and beautiful coast located in the city of Antalya, which is also filled with bars, restaurants and other amazing things for you to invest your holidays in. But why stop there? Go to Marmaris, which is one of the most amazing sea resorts you can find on the planet.

Our world is filled with many unique and amazing places to visit that can’t all be mentioned here so we have just mentioned the 5 most visited countries but that will surely make you confused about what to visit? But one thing that you can be sure of is that you won’t have any trouble while booking a flight. Our website has got you covered with all the essentials that you need to book a flight with very cheap and reliable rates. So, whenever you are planning to visit just forget the hassle of booking and leave it to us.

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