Vienna Vacation Travel Guide– the musical, cultural and historical heart of Austria. Follow us through the magic and plan a trip of your own! When ready, browse vacation packages to …

Vienna Vacation Travel Guide has a number of the simplest public transportation within the world, with a well-run system of underground trains and above ground trams. Passes, which are good for unlimited travel on all sorts of transit, are good for up to 24 hours (for 8 euros) to a full week (16 euros) and may be purchased at electronic kiosks in U-Bahn stations or online. make certain to see your timing when purchasing online, as you’ll adjust the date on which your pass begins.

July is that the hottest month, with a mean temperature of 66°F (19°C). January is that the coldest month, with a mean temperature of 30°F (-1°C).

Know Before You Go
Austrians place tons of emphasis on family and improving the lives of workers. meaning many shops, particularly grocery stores but also other retail places, are rarely open as late as their American counterparts. While most grocery stores now stay open till 7:30pm (a relatively recent change), the bulk are closed on Sundays.

Best Time to travel
Vienna are often glorious in any weather, but it’s best within the spring and fall. Visit in May and June or September and October for ideal temperatures.Vienna is certainly worth it! Absolutely worth it; we’ve been repeatedly and still come for more. In Vienna Vacation Travel Guide we show it was the capitol city of the Hapsburg Empire for hundreds of years , the hub of culture and art for many of Europe during that point . We loved Vienna and would return again

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